Who is Littlepink  
For the past seven years Little pink has been creating projects and creative inclusion art for the masses both in the UK and Denmark.

By teaching others and inspiring design and thinking in a new way little pink hope's to ignite a new generation with the same burning passion to make and create.
Little pink is an outcome of passion for creative designing and making. 
Little pink comes from everyday living.Bright, bold and creative.

Being different and daring to stand out.Coming from the Uk where having your own identity is the norm I fused my everyday living with who I am to create littlepinkmaker.


My real name being Chan'nel Thomas, I moved to Denmark in 2016 bringing with me my talents as a creative artist and textile designer.I have a background in various areas but mostly sales and marketing, along with running my own business.

I have a passion for carnival arts and fantasy fashion, Which combined with my ever pandering wanderlust led me to my current position as a resident maker for Copenhagen Fablab.

I run socially interactive art classes for the local community, as well as provide 1-2-1 teaching for subjects in which clients which to learn about. 

Merging technology alongside traditional crafts is my area of expertise and a lot of my projects run along the lines of a traditional art form within the carnival sector.Need it be wire bending or sewing I try to incorporate technology into it to showcase that the future can still have roots.