Gallery from projects and clients 

  1. Managing Director
    Project bold
    Butterfly wings made for Project Bold
  2. Managing Director
    Copenhagen carnival
    Samba passista from Mariposa samba school in a tech designed Samba costume for the event
  3. Managing Director
    Water theme
    Water themed carnival outfit for Project Bold
  4. Managing Director
    Costume made for a client
  5. Managing Director
    Costume made for a client
  6. Managing Director
    outfit made from a clients brief
  7. Managing Director
    Costume made for a bikini fitness client
  8. Managing Director
    Costume made for a client for a halloween samba event
  9. Managing Director
    Passista clothing
    Made for a client's lead dancer
  10. Managing Director
    Outfit for a client
A selection of images 

From various projects under the Littlpinkmaker name.

Projects range in the documentation and theme showcasing versatility, creativeness and design.Each project is hand picked and researched before conducting.